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Written by Capt. Lou   
Friday, 23 January 2009 02:14

Thank you for choosing Get The Charters for your fishing trip.  The following are some guidelines that will insure a safe and enjoyable time on the water. If you have any questions or concerns, fell free to contact me here.

  • If you are prone to sea sickness, it is suggested you take a motion sickness medicine.  Although Dramamine is the most common, it can make you very drowsy. Bonine, is another good alternative.  It is less drowsy, and should work as well. In case you do become ill, please do not hesitate to tell the Captain.  We want your trip to be enjoyable.  We will simply cancel/postpone the trip.  Your cost will be pro rated base on the amount of time we are on the water.
  • Please bring a small cooler with what you would like to drink/eat.  If you plan on keeping your catch, please provide a separate cooler.  This cooler can be left in your vehicle and the fish can be transferred when your trip is done. If you do plan on keeping fish, please let us know ahead of time.  We do have the ability to clean the fish, while on board.  If you prefer to clean your own, you are welcome to.  Remember: We are a “Catch and Release” Charter. (Please do not let that discourage you from keeping  fish. Keeping your catch is up to the individual customer.)
  • According to USCG law, all passengers under the age of 12 must wear a life jacket. We offer life jackets, so no need to bring one.  This is a United States Coast Guard law. It must be followed.
  • All equipment will be supplied, no need to bring rods/reels, etc.  Just bring your self and we will do the rest. However, you are required to have a valid NYS fishing license. You may purchase a license at any sporting goods store( Dicks, Wal-Mart, Gander Mountain, etc)
  • Fish Guarantee:    It is our plan to catch plenty of fish however, there is never a guarantee.  Weather, lake conditions, and  temperature play a big role in how fish will react. In the event, that no fish are caught, we will refund you ½ the cost of the trip.  Our mission is to have happy customers, even if the fishing is sub par.
  • We will contact you the day of(evening trips) to confirm the trip.  In the event the weather/lake is fowl, we will simply reschedule, with no financial penalty.


Thank you for the opportunity. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Capt. Lou

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