What's the Catch?


How often do you fish?
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Written by Capt. Lou   
Thursday, 29 January 2009 19:34


Catch & Release

Once fish are caught, our normal policy is to catch and release. As members of the IGFA(international game fish assoc)we are strong advocates of catching the fish, snapping a few nice pictures and releasing them to be caught another day. However, if you choose to keep some fish for "dinner", we  have a fillet table on board.  We will be happy to filet and bag your fish so they are ready when your trip is done.


Forgot your Camera?

Don't worry.  We have a camera on board that will take all the pictures you want.   We will be happy to e mail them to you at no additonal charge. What better way to prove you caught a fish "THIS BIG"

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